Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Software Support

For software support, follow these steps:

  • Run a CHKDSK /F from DOS (CMD command) and reboot to allow the computer to run the disk check and repair the hard drive.
  • Run the Strategy Wizard first, then click on the File Menu in the Strategy Wizard, and select “Download New Software” or “Download Beta Software”. That will refresh your software and reinstall the API software that is used to connect to our 3rd party partners. All of your present settings will remain unaffected by the upgrade.
  • If you still cannot connect to the software, then send email to TechnicalSupport@Cool-Trade.com for assistance.

For questions related to strategy development or instructions on how to use the software, please watch one of our related tutorial videos that refer to the online help files or contact TechnicalSupport@Cool-Trade.com for further assistance.

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