Tuesday, February 20, 2018


What is Robotic Trading?

Robotic trading means letting the computer do the work for you - executing your rules for when to buy and when to sell - repeatedly, all through the trading day. This means that you could scalp profits all day long as stock prices move up and down. The Robotic Trading Software Robotic Automated Trader will watch the market for you, looking for the conditions that affect your trades.

Once I turn it on, what do I do?

Nothing. You can go to work, go shopping, go golfing, etc. With Robotic Trading Software, you don’t have to be chained to your computer watching stock prices, charts or other data. Before you have a chance to make sense of all that information, the Robotic Trading Software Robotic Trader willl have already seen the data and reacted for you.

Do I need to create a strategy right away to use it?

No. The trader comes with sample strategies that you can evaluate and, if you wish, use as a template or starting point for your own strategies. We suggest you run a sample strategy in Simulator mode to get a feel for robotic trading. You can then test your strategies in the Simulator for as long as you wish. Our Simulator is a real-time test environment running during actual market hours to give you the most accurate assessment of your strategies.

Do I need to open a brokerage account right away to use the Trader?

No. You do not need any real money or a brokerage account to start using the Trader in Simulator mode. You will open an account with InteractiveBrokers.com only after you are ready to start trading with real money.

How much money do I need to start trading?

This depends on your trading style. A conservative trader can start with as little as a few thousand dollars. Please consult the broker for the type of account and funding requirements to suit your trading needs.

Does Robotic Trading Software recommend stocks or strategies?

No. Robotic Trading Software is not a broker or investment advisor. However, Robotic Trading Advisors is now able to provide assistance with strategies along with strategic investment & financial planning.

What kind of support does Robotic Trading Software provide?

Robotic Trading Systems provide technical phone and email support. Robotic Trading Advisors provides strategy and investment portfolio management. The Trader also has a built-in online Help system that explains each feature of the Automated Trader. Additionally, you may communicate with us and others who use the Automated Trader through our community message board.


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